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»I think I just blogged my pants«

May. 15th, 2006 | 10:35 pm

The best thing about Livejournal is that people can have their own space to write about the things they find interesting. The worst thing about Livejournal is that people that get same open place to write about things that should not be written in a public space.

We still believe in blogging, and therefore we have transformed Johan's domain to our own blog central.

Nicolette's can be found at:

And Johan's at:

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»I love Landskrona«

Apr. 24th, 2006 | 02:58 pm



I'm going home again. But if only for a fortnight, it'll be so nice. I can't believe I have not been home in a year and a half. I have never been away for this long before. So much to do. Nicolette is coming with, but she only managed to get one week off work. Can't wait.

(Old picture I found in my mailbox, by David Rager).

Music: Bobb Trimble / 'Glass Menagerie Fantasies' _Iron Curtain Innocence_ '80

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»Book Soup goes gothic country«

Apr. 10th, 2006 | 11:00 pm

Dita von Teese and Nicolette.

Yeah so, Dita von Teese, aka Heather Sweet, aka Mrs. Marilyn Manson , came by work friday for a signing. She was actually a lot more normal than I expected. She didn't even object when me and Charles told her she had to use the public restrooms at Nordstrom. And her gothic followers were polite, even all the creepy middle aged men who wanted their copies of the Playboy issue with her on the cover signed were well behaved . Or maybe it just seemed that way because we all got drunk.

The Bill Clinton event at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion didn't quite turn out as I hoped. I kind of dreamed of chillaxing in the back with Bill and talking the future of the EU. That didn't happen. The highlight was actually Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's introduction speech - "I remember a time when we had a president who still believed in science". Well that got most roars and cheers. Then we all got drunk.

Saturday, Nicolette and I went to see the Belgian movie L'Enfant (that I believe won at Cannes last year) with Charles and Philip. It wasn't that great, and not what I'd consider Palm-material, but they do make some weird picks. Afterwards we all went to our house and Elizabeth came over and we all got trashed and played drunk-dominos. I think Charles cheated, but then again, he was the only one who fully knew the rules. Philip and Charles ended up staying for the night. Good times.

Sunday we finally found out what the "Weasel" is at the locally worldfamous Chuck's breakfast dinner. It wasn't quite what we expected (the Weasel that is), but the food was great. We'll be coming back.

Music: Kazuhiko Katoh / 'Arther's Boutique' _Come To My Bedside_ '70

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»The ides of March«

Mar. 15th, 2006 | 06:53 pm

Believe it or not, it's our one year wedding anniversary today.

We both took work off for a relaxing day. In the morning we took our bikes for a spin and biked towards downtown and went to our favorite breakfast place in Long Beach, the Coffee Cup on 4th and Grand. Afterwards we went home to relax, only to later get the bikes out again and went for a ride long the beach. There is some great bike passages in Long Beach, especially around the beach and the harbor. We both intend to map them out and figure out how we can bike all the way up to Los Angeles without having to bike on heavily trafficated streets. This time we didn't go that far and we stopped to have drinks at a small brewery on the beach. Right now we are getting ready to go drive down to Laguna Beach and go to the fabulous resturant French 75 for a nice dinner. Good times indeed.

Music: Nicolai Dunger / 'Lyckokatt' _Nicolai Dunger Sjunger Edith Södergran_ '06

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»Another rainy day off.«

Mar. 11th, 2006 | 03:14 pm

Wall of cottons, Los Angeles.

Yesterday Lymaris and I went to L.A. to fabric shop. Her for a couture class, me for the Chloe knock-offs I am planning to fashion. Our first stop, (pictured above) was this really nice store, too many rooms of the most beautiful fabrics. Some were so intricately hand beaded, feathered and whatnot that they cost $650 a yard! I left with some gorgeous dupioni silk. Its a nice change from the garment district where you really have to root around for a good thing. After that we ventured over to a wherehouse full of designer remnants, nice things also, but more like downtown with some digging for the real treaures. There I picked up a really interesting silk (I think) with the texture of a grosgrain ribbon. Too bad there was only a little left, so I'll have to be creative and figure out something to make with it.

While I was in L.A., Johan took my bicycle to the shop for a tune up (finally!) then went for a nice ride. We were actually supposed to go for a night ride in downtown L.A. but the cold and windy weather stopped us. Instead we had a disappointing and expensive meal at the tapas place around the corner and went to see "The Three Burials of Melquiadas Estrada". Johan thought it was one of his favorite movies of last year, and I think I agree!

On the job front, I had two more interviews this week, and I am SO sick of interviewing. I feel really beaten down by it all. But the last one went the best so I am keeping my fingers crossed. It will be so great for us if I get the job (even though I will be embarrassed to tell anyone where it is).

Fingers Crossed!

Music: Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox / '$2.50' _Flux Compendium_ '06

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»It's VerSAYce.«

Mar. 3rd, 2006 | 10:14 am

Hello from rainy London, and the other Nicolette!

So, Johan spent most of last week layed out on the couch with a mysterious illness. With no heath insurance, I just gave him the leftover amoxicillan I had from some other time I was sick. He started to get better slowly but I awoke on Monday feeling like hell myself. Since I have insurance I quickly went to the doctor to find out I have bronchitis. Luckily I had two days off work planned, to see Laetitia and Co. so I spent one day resting and visited with her on Wenesday. Since it was a sunny day we sat around the pool at the Travelodge in Costa Mesa and talked about life and love and Shiatsu massage. At five I picked up Johan, after dropping of Laetitia at the venue, and he and I scooted home for some dinner and rest then went back to Detroit Bar for the show. It was a good night but I payed for it yesterday and woke up feeling even worse.

Still, I had to go to work because the VP and our "visual" person were coming for a visit. I use that term loosely since all he seems to do is insult everyone, talk loudly on the phone about his celebrity friends, and go off for expensive lunches and smoking breaks. At one point he said something to me in such a way that it brought tears to my eyes. He later made up for the comment by giving me Donatella Versace's credit card and a $3000 sale. Thank god they leave today, so I only have to suffer one more afternoon with them. And thank you Donatella for the commission!

I also had a job interview yesterday, with another chi chi clothing store in the mall that has tried to recruit me a couple of times. The pay scale is truly terrifying though, straight commission! Its not at all my style so if I do get an offer I think I will have to decline. But on the bright side, 30 minutes after I got to work a friend from another expensive store (also not my style at all) called to tell me about an opening with more secure, and higher, pay. It might be good for a while, some extra money so we can go on vacation this year and I can concentrate on finding something that really makes me happy. We'll see!

Music: Clogs / 'Kapsburger' _Lantern_ '06

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»After all, Amette is french«

Feb. 20th, 2006 | 08:14 pm

Nicolette's bicycle. That's right, she got a stylish Peugeot. And it wasn't even me who got it for her, it was a (belated) Christmas present from our great great friend Liam. It came in a box today, and now I am trying to put it together (that's right, in the kitchen, it's dark - not to mention cold - outside!). Unfortunately, I don't really have a thumb for this bike business. My father once bought a motorcycle in a box (missing most things) and managed to get it together. I am afraid I didn't inherit that side of him. I kind of gave it up for the evening (hence why I am on the computer now). But hopefully I will get it up and running in the morning - because oh yeah, we're both off work tomorrow. I smell a bike trip!

I just finished a killer (seriously!) mix cd for Conrad. It's probably the best damn mix cd I have ever done. I'll publish the tracklisting once he's received it. Not that anyone would care, but I'm just proud of it.

Music: Judy Henske & Jerry Yester / 'Rapture' _Farewell Aldebaran_ '69

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»Alla Hjärtans Dag«

Feb. 15th, 2006 | 07:16 pm

Valentine's Day started out rather dramatic. Soon after we woke up, I realized the power was out in the entire house. We called the electric company and it turned out entire nothern Bellmont Shore was suffering from the same problem. Our biggest concern was that all the food we had recently purchased at an expensive trip to Cost Co the other day was going to go bad. Luckily enough, we didn't have to wait the estimated four hours for the power to come back on, and everything made it okay.

Foolishly I decided to check my email before we left. My dad had scanned a letter from the Danish IRS, not only demanding alot of money, but within the next eight days. To add to the troubles, the eight days had already passed in the time it took the letter to arrive at my parent's house. Although Nicolette and I's economy is the best now since I arrived here a year ago, this will be extremely hard for us to pay back (because of the large amount). I realized in the last few years I have inherited alot of my father's socialistic morals, especially regarding the respect of working hard and paying your taxes. But considering its been such a long time since I worked in Denmark, this is a really annoying bite in the ass.

This was mentally a rough start to a day we had been looking forward to for a while. We planned to resume our tradition of spending Valentine's day in a villa at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills, so we decided to try and shake the bad news off and make the best of it. Our first stop was our favorite breakfast place, Toast. From there we went to Little Tokyo where Nicolette wanted to buy some tabi socks and a short kimono, but she didn't find either. So off we went to Chinatown to find some one dollar shoes for me, that my friend Rikki had bought a couple of years back, but again no luck. So the only thing purchased before we reached the hotel was last year's excellent LP by the Silver Jews, picked up at Amoeba.

The Avalon was just as lovely as we remembered it, and we really had a great evening. Just like last year, we picked up takeout from Real Food Daily to eat in our cozy room. Then we went down to Blue On Blue and had drinks by the pool. I'm really glad that we managed to brush off our worries and have a successful Valentine's. I have to say though, after all the problems we have had in the last year, and now this, we deserve a medal for getting through things relatively unscathed.

Oh, and here is a super cute gallery of pictures of Liv on Valentine's Day!

Music: Haruomi Hosono / 'Chatanooga Choo-Choo' _Tropical Dandy_ '75

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»Mmm stawberries«

Feb. 12th, 2006 | 04:30 pm

My haul from the farmer's market this morning. Look at the prehistoric cauliflower!

Last night after work, Johan went down to San Diego with Patrick and Charles to see Jeff Tweedy and Glenn Kotche at the Spreckles Theater. Apparently Jeff was in rare form and being quite the smartass comedian. As for me, I went over to Lymaris' house to get some drawing done and visit with her and my favorite dog friend, Fiona. We didn't get much work done though, just talking and eating and watching 'The Motorcycle Diaries'. It was nice to have some girl time, I almost forgot what that was like. Funnily enough, Johan said the same thing about his boy time when he got home from the show, with an empty 32 of High Life in his hand, no less! Pleasant evening for the both of us.

Music: Håkan Hellström / 'Kom Igen Lena' _Det Är Så Jag Säger Det_ '02

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»En musik blog fra haelvete«

Feb. 1st, 2006 | 11:41 am

Nicolette and I went to see Maja Ratkje at the Red Cat (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater), which is located in the back of the Disney Hall in downtown L.A. This was the first time I've ever seen a solo set of hers, perviously I have only seen her with Fe-Mail and other groups. I thought it'd be less "crazy" and intense solo, but half of it was blood dripping rough. Not that I minded. Ratkje to me is one of the few people in modern music that deals with electronics based music that I still find interesting. Together with Efzeg and a few others. Her music just stands out, and it's not because of her incredible voice, she's just simply interesting. Keeps my attention, which is hard to do these days. The set was great, and it included one "real" song, which I think was sung in German, but it could've been a made up language too. I for sure concluded that it was not in her native Norwegian tongue. I am hopeful about a new album. Her band Spunk put out an album (En Aldeles Forferdelig Sykdom) that came out in November which is amazing, probably top 3 of 2005. Definitely. The crowd at the Red Cat was slightly odd. Seemed like a bunch of CalArts students, I guess they get discounts and got nothing better to do on a friday evening. I was browsing Ratkje's records at the merch table when a man asked what the Fe-Mail album (Syklubb Fra Haelvete) sounds like - the merch guy had no idea. I thought about putting in my two cents and saying that's it sounds like Merzbow, if Merzbow was two girls from Norway. But quickly figured that wouldn't help him at all.

I realize that I am a music snob, just like Nicolette is a food snob. So I thought about starting a music snob blog. Unfortunately the host for my domain doesn't support the needs for using WordPress. I guess I should change hosting company, but we don't really have the money right now. Or maybe I should just settle for using Blogspot. Or maybe I shouldn't start a blog at all, after all, it's so ridiculously hip right now. But I think Nicolette is secretly considering making a food blog...

I hate my camera, I badly want a new one. As shown above, it doesn't work at all in the dark. It looks like me and Nicolette will get some money back from the IRS though. So maybe, finally, we'll be able to get a Digital Rebel XT. The rest of the money will have to go towards out trip to Europe this summer. It looks like Landskrona and Paris, but maybe a couple of other stops too?

Sunday Leah and Conrad came by for dinner which was lovely. I hope they'll join us again real soon.

Music: Jackie O'Motherfucker / 'Rockaway' _Flags Of The Sacred Harp_ '05

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